Jules Soer

Nutritional Medicine Therapist & Personal Trainer

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What does food mean to you? Do you see it as a necessity to fuel your body, in any form? Is it your comfort when you are down or stressed? Is it a strict regime you are encouraged to follow for a sport? Is it just a social enjoyment? Is it your worst enemy?

Food is a necessity for us all to thrive, but the relationships we have with it are diverse and complicated.

This is why there is no one rule for everyone. Nutritional medicine looks at every individual as an individual and although there are some general guidelines that we can all strive to follow, what works best for your friend, partner, mother will not necessarily be what’s best for you.

A nutrition programme doesn’t have to mean strict diets or cutting out your favourite meals. Instead, it aims to help you find a balance between healthy eating and pleasurable eating; as a permanent change rather than a ‘diet’. What’s ‘right and wrong’ in nutrition can get very confusing with all the food-brand marketing, media input and numerous fad diets. As a nutritional medicine therapist I aim to help you work out what’s best for you and support you on your journey to optimum health.

Nutr8 can assist you with:

·Healthy Weight Management

·Optimum energy / Adrenal fatigue

·Allergies & food intolerances

·Optimum digestive function

·Healthy elimination of toxins

·Boosting the immune system

·Diabetes management



·Skin concerns..and much more!