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Are You In An Exercise Slump?

Are You In An Exercise Slump?

Lacking Motivation to Exercise?

Have you lost your exercise mojo or are you trying to find it for the first time?  
It can be difficult to get in the right frame of mind to start an exercise programme or to continue on one you have lost interest in or has left you at a stand still in your weight loss / fitness levels.
Do not fear! Here are a few key suggestions to get you going, in time for that long awaited summer!
  • Arrange an exercise buddy – it will make it more fun and if you have committed to train with a friend you are less likely to back out.  Choose someone on a similar level to you so that you can encourage and push each other.

  • Book yourself into classes / training sessions as this way you may have already paid up front and you have to actively cancel the session to back out, which will encourage you to show up and becomes a commitment each week.  Treat it as you would an important work meeting.

  • PLAN – If you have a personal trainer they will plan your programme for you and assist you in goal setting / management, but still try and keep a diary of progress to encourage yourself.  If you don’t have a personal trainer, plan a 4 week programme, write it down and stick to it – think about your goals and every week establish whether or not you have met them.  If not, why not?  What can you change?
  • Don’t get bored of a programme – continue to push your boundaries.  This goes hand in hand with goal setting, look at ways of making an exercise harder whether it be more reps, heavier weights, less time to complete the exercise, a further distance, adding in a gradient, less recovery time between sets, etc.
  • Join teams or groups that are interested in the same sport / activity as you, you will be able to motivate each other as well as make it a social event, and even a little friendly competition to help you reach those goals 🙂
  • If you have a smart phone download Apps to help you keep track of your exercise, great to show you reaching your goals.  An example being a 5km run, there are Apps that will time you and record you result each time, watch yourself shave off minutes as you get fitter – a great confidence boost!
  • And last but most definitely not least!  Eat a healthy diet, for all the obvious reasons of this assisting in reaching your goals but also because the healthier your body feels the more likely you are to want to live a healthy lifestyle and get motivated to exercise more often!

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Quick Tip: ‘Breakfast’ – to break the fast.  Your mind and body will work more efficiently throughout the day if they are fed soon after waking. Boost your metabolism, and prevent overeating at later meals, with a nutritious breakfast every morning. Always include protein to help you feel fuller, sustain you longer, balance blood sugar…Continue Reading