Receive expert guidance and advice on food, exercise and supplements that could change your life in 3 simple steps!

  •  Complete a 3-day diet diary and health & lifestyle questionnaire
  •  Engage in a one-to-one consultation which will result in a bespoke treatment plan specific to your individual needs
  •  Follow-up Consultations to check-in, reassess and empower

Your completed questionnaire will enable me to understand how your body systems are working, so that at the consultation I can assess your general health and wellbeing and pinpoint the most important factors to address first.

Consultations can be done face-to-face or via Skype:

Initial Consultation (up to 1.5 hours):                 £70

Follow-up Consultations (up to 1 hour):             £50

Initial Consultation + 1 Follow-up Consultation bought together :    £100



  •   Personalised 7-day diet plans and recipes
  •   Navigating a supermarket for the right ingredients for your new healthy lifestyle
  •   Clear out and re-stock your kitchen cupboards for your new lifestyle
  •   Exercise programmes

Please email me at : to discuss prices.